'Birthday Cake' Cake Balls

Last month, I celebrated my 27th birthday by taking a long weekend, sleeping in, and making these "Birthday Cake" cake balls. 

cincinnati birthday cake balls

For Christmas, my mom got me the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook that I've been eyeing for a while. This book is filled with intricate recipes that will definitely help me become a better baker. 

Even before I got the cookbook, I wanted to try their "Birthday Cake" recipe and turn the cake into cake balls. 

I decided that my long birthday weekend was the perfect time to test out the recipe! 

momofuku birthday cake cake balls

If you don't have the cookbook, you can find the recipe on Bon Appetit's website here.

There were a few ingredients that I either changed out or couldn't find, in which case the book actually gave substitutions. 

My changes:

  • I used Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Baking Flour in place of the flours they suggested because I can't have gluten (shocking, I know)
  • I used 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice instead of citric acid because none of the stores near me carried it
  • For the frosting, I substituted 2 teaspoons of corny syrup for the glucose because, again, I couldn't find it. The book suggested that substitution

If you're going to try this recipe, make sure you have time for it. It's quite involved and it took me the better part of a Saturday to make. I highly advise you read through the recipe and the steps twice to make sure you know what you need and when to make everything. 

dayton birthday cake balls

I think this recipe might look scary to novice bakers, but it's not as hard as it looks. At least, not to make into cake balls. I didn't attempt to make a layer cake with it because those scare me. 

I found that I mixed my crumble too much and it turned out crunchier than it should've been, but that was the only issue I found in testing this recipe.

To make it into cake balls, I put the cooled cake into my mixer with a paddle attachment to break up the cake into fine crumbs. I added spoonfuls of the frosting one spoonful at a time until I got my mixture the consistency of Play-Doh then I rolled and dipped the cake balls as normal. 

I didn't find any issues using the gluten-free flour in place of regular flour, either. 

These cake balls were delicious, too! I will definitely use this recipe in the future. If you give it a try, leave a comment to let me know how they turned out!