March Orders

I know, I know. It's now closer to May than it is March. 

My bad. 

These last few months have shown growth in my business that I haven't seen before and I've been busy busy busy. That's never a bad thing, right? 

But, you still have a March Orders blog post! Continue reading to see what I was up to last month and to see what I made for the first wedding of 2017! 

Cincinnati Birthday Cake Balls

Birthday Cake Balls
These simple and sweet red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cake balls went out to a birthday for one of my Preferred Wedding Vendors! These cake balls were dipped in white or chocolate with sprinkles or white drizzle. 

Financial Peace Cake Ball Dayton Ohio

Financial Peace-Inspired Cake Pops
Engage City Church saw their first Financial Peace graduation in early March. Those graduates had a celebration with tons of goodies, including these vanilla cake pops that were dipped in green with dollar signs on them. 

"Already Loved" Cake Balls
Lifehouse Church in Lebanon has an amazing ministry called "Already Loved" that is dedicated to orphans,  foster care and adoption. Last month, they treated social workers in the area to a week's worth of lunches, including cake balls from me! These were assorted flavors dipped in white with pink and blue drizzles. 

Dayton Nutter Butter Cookie Truffles

Nutter Butter Cookie Truffles
It wouldn't be an order blog post without some Nutter Butter Cookie Truffles. These delicious treats were dipped in white and chocolate and topped with mini Nutter Butter cookies. 

Lebanon Ohio Wedding Cake Balls

Wedding Cake Balls
I've booked a few weddings for 2017 thus far and this order kicked off the wedding season! These cake balls were chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla dipped in white, black or gold with white flowers, black drizzle or gold sprinkles. I've heard these were a hit! If you're planning a wedding, be sure to check out my Wedding page to see how you can get cake balls at your wedding! 

St. Patrick's Day Cake Balls Mason Ohio

St. Patrick's Day Cake Balls
These chocolate cake balls were dipped in white with green drizzle or green sprinkles in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I think I need a reason to use these green sprinkles more because I LOVE the way they look on the white dip! 

Samantha Joy Events Cake Balls

Cake Balls for Samantha Joy Events
This order went to another of my Preferred Wedding Vendors, Samantha at Samantha Joy Events. These chocolate and strawberry cake balls were dipped in blush and navy blue with coordinating drizzle to match her logo. She gave these out to her clients at a "Meet the Planner" event she held. If you're looking for an event planner, check her out. 

Cincinnati Mint Chocolate Cake Balls

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Balls
Last month, I debuted a new cake flavor! These mint chocolate cake balls went out to a small wedding along with another order of cake balls. These mint chocolate cake balls were dipped in chocolate and topped with mint chocolate chunks. 

Cincinnati Bridal Shower Cake Balls

Bridal Shower Cake Balls
I love wedding season because I get to make pretty cake balls such as these for bridal showers. These cake balls were chocolate and vanilla with a white dip, pink and blue flowers and pink and blue drizzle. 

Lebanon Ohio Baby Shower Cake Balls

Baby Shower Cake Balls
These cake balls went out to a baby shower to celebrate brand new twin boys. The cake balls were strawberry, chocolate and vanilla dipped in white with white and blue drizzle. 

University of Cincinnati and Kings High School Cake Balls

Test Run of Graduation Cake Balls
As graduation season approaches, I'm starting to book up for May and June. These cake balls were a test run for a joint graduation party from University of Cincinnati and my alma mater, Kings High School. The vanilla cake balls were dipped in white with black and red drizzle. The chocolate cake balls were dipped in white with blue and red drizzle. 

Birthday Cake Balls Dayton Ohio

Birthday Cake Balls
I love making sweet treats for my friends and I was able to surprise a dear friend with these fun cake balls! These chocolate cake balls were dipped in white with sprinkles and chocolate letters. I'm pretty sure I want every order to have sayings on them now because I love the look of the letters! 

Next month might contain more blog posts. As my orders continue to grow, I'm finding it hard to sit down and recap a whole month at once. After I publish my "April Orders" blog post, I'll start publishing 2 posts a month as needed. 

Also, I want to branch out into posting recipes for y'all to make at home! If you have anything you’d like me to try (or if you’d like to order), please send the idea or recipe to and you might just see the recipe on this site soon!  

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