Behind the Bakery: My Summer Vacation

As I sit here writing this Behind the Bakery blog post, I’m sitting at a wooden table in a little wooden cabin that sits just a few feet from Long Lake in Minnesota.

I can see the waves gently pushing against the sand and rocks that line the shore and I can feel the cool breeze coming off the water.

This 8-day vacation was much-needed for me and for my husband.

Also, check out an update to my previous Behind the Bakery post at the end! 

Our vacation started with what was supposed to be a 7-hour drive to Madison, Wisconsin. Of course, we got stuck in rush hour traffic in Chicago, hit severe storms, and then when we were an hour away from Madison, our AirBNB host cancelled our reservation because the room we rented had flooded.

So, after 10 hours on the road, we decided to drive the rest of the way (another 4 hours) to just outside Minneapolis to stay with my sweet friend Tricia.

We spent a day touring Minneapolis and St. Paul. We shopped at the Mall of America where I finally got to try some candy from Sugarfina. The Maple Burbon Caramels were amazing and the employee was so sweet (no pun intended)!

Then we hopped over to St. Paul to get some fried cheese curds at The Wild Onion because when you’re so close to Wisconsin, the land of cheese curds, you can’t skip those! Boy, those were delicious.

The day of walking 15,000+ steps ended at Cold Front in St. Paul where we got some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Of course, I forget what kind I got or what was even in it.

Cold Front is a neat little shop where they have ice cream, espresso, and even have root beer on tap. I read about the shop in Bon Appetit and I highly recommend y’all trying it if you’re in the Twin Cities!

The next day we made our way up north to the lake house we stayed at for the remainder of the week. The house itself sits back from the shore and has the typical “lake house” vibe.

My favorite part of the property is where I’m writing this post right now: the cabin. This cabin has no running water, but it does have electricity and it’s fridge holds my s’mores rations for the week since it’s steps from the fire pit that also sits on the shoreline.

The side windows in front of me open to allow the breeze to waft in and the middle picture window shows just the water, so it looks like the lake comes right up to the cabin.

Here we found the peace, tranquility, and rest that we’ve needed. Brad and I have been working hard with long hours between our jobs (my weeks can get to 70+ hours between my full-time job and the bakery).

We spent our days reading (me) and fishing (him) with little breaks to take the jetskis around the empty lake or for us to cross over to North Dakota for dinner.

I’m hopeful that these last few days will bring the same restfulness that we’ve experienced and for a smooth ride home.

SPOILER: We had a smooth ride home and even got to spend a few more restful days at home before heading back to work! 

Before I sign off for this month, I want to give a quick update on life after Whole30. I ended up doing another round of Whole30 before we went on vacation, but I stuck to a majority of the healthy eating habits I learned during my first round. These new tools helped me lost 20 pounds so far! 

I also started a Facebook group to help others who want to try Whole30 or for those who want to try eating healthy. Feel free to join! 

Don't forget to come back next month to read about how and why I started the bakery!