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Orders: June

As busy as April and May were, June turned out to be a surprisingly light month. I had much-needed weekends free and wasn't working 70-hour work weeks as I was the previous month (dreams don't work unless you do, right?). 

June was a nice mix of graduation orders, bridal showers, and all-around celebratory orders. In the midst of it all, I even made Nutter Butter cookie truffles to celebrate my husband's 29th birthday, I just forgot to get a picture. Whoops! 

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Orders: Beginning of May

This post marks a new era with The Little Pink Bakery's blog! Since I'm getting busier, it's hard to sit down and write a post that spans an entire month. This brings me to writing 2 posts a month devoted to my orders! 

Also, check back next week for my first Behind the Bakery post where I talk about my Whole30 experience. 

Now, let's get to the goodies! 

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