Alli Hicks The Little Pink Bakery Cincinnati Dayton

About Gem City Bakehouse

Gem City Bakehouse is owned and operated by me, Alli Hicks. 

I started baking at a young age and I always dreamed of owning my own bakery. While that dream changed over the years, my love of baking never did. 

Way  back in 2009, while I was a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University, my eldest sister introduced me to these new things called "cake balls." After we made them, I was hooked. I made them for almost every party, get together and holiday. 

It didn't take long for people to expect cake balls whenever I turned up and people offered to pay me to make them cake balls. 

I put off selling any kind of baked good for almost 7 years until I decided, "Why not?" 

With overwhelming support from my husband, my friends, and my family, Gem City Bakehouse was born. 

In the News

I had a blast on my first TV interview where I talked about Gem City Bakehouse (this was when it was named The Little Pink Bakery)! You can watch it here: